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is the programming journal of Matt Dawson, a professional web developer and tech junkie from Charlottesville, VA USA.

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Progressive Image Enhancement For Hi-Res Mobile Devices

Two months ago, I joined WillowTree Apps to head up their mobile web department. So far, it’s been an absolute blast. We’re up to some really great stuff at WillowTree, and I’m looking forward to a year full of big news as our mobile web offerings continue to mature and take shape. No doubt, you’ll ... // Continue.

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Complete Me

I’ve written before about bash tools good enough to make you rethink the way you work in your shell. While bash completion may not be a game-changer, it’s slick enough to make me smile every time I use it. And I’ve been using it a lot. Now, granted, bash completion’s greatest strength is that it ... // Continue.

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Simple CouchDB Replication In Python

Note: This post is adapted from an email I sent to Are you in Charlottesville? You should join! CouchDB first caught my attention about 10 months ago. I’ve done a lot of learning this year, and at first introduction, I wasn’t at a place where I could grok how cool it is. This ... // Continue.

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Muscle Memory

I’ve been running for something like 15 years now. There are a few skipped months mixed in there, but for the last six years, I’ve run what probably works out to an average of four-point-something times a week. Zoning out during one of those runs last week, I started thinking about how many total ... // Continue.

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The Magic Of Screen

My favorite program of 2009 wasn’t made this year. In fact, it wasn’t even made this decade. Or the last one. But it feels more fresh than any program I installed this year. The program is GNU Screen, and it is amazing. Screen’s Wikipedia entry does an admirable job of summing up what it does. GNU ... // Continue.

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Pushing To Multiple Git Remotes At Once

To dyed-in-the-wool git heads, this trick may be old hat. But one of my rules is if it takes me more than fifteen minutes of googling to find an answer, it’s probably worth posting somewhere. In setting up a system for deploying this blog via git, I was left wanting for one thing: I liked the idea ... // Continue.


Over Your Head

For someone who graduated college with an English degree and has four years of experience in web development – with only one of those spent programming – Charlottesville’s burgeoning co-working scene is pretty exciting. OpenSpace seems to be off to a good start, and by my estimation, the most well ... // Continue.


Post The First

I’ve got sign posts up all over the web, including two blogs: one that tried to be a tumblelog and will someday soon be reborn in a completely different form, and one loved by family that pretty much takes care of itself. bytexbyte (that’s “byte by byte” if you hadn’t figured it out yet) is one ... // Continue.